Little Peggy xx

type / gender: horse / Mare
breed: Thoroughbred
born: 01.01.1847
colour: chestnut
mainly used for stud horse
whereabouts: Germany, ---
complete pedigree (scrollable)
1. generation2. generation3. generation4. generation5. generation
Cripple xx
Medoc xx
  • Medoc xx
  • Thoroughbred, 01.01.1829, chestnut
Grecian Princess xx
American Eclipse xx
Young Maid of the Oaks xx
Blackburns Whip xx
Jane Hunt xx
Duroc xx
Millers Damsel xx
Expedition xx
Maid of the Oaks xx
Whip xx
Hamptons Paragon xx
Hunts Moll xx
Peggy Stewart xx
Blackburns Whip xx
Mary Bedford xx
Whip xx
Duke of Bedford xx
Speculator Mare xx 1813
Saltram xx
Herod Mare xx
Randolphs Celer xx
Speckleback xx
Bedford xx
Voltaire Mare xx
Speculator xx
Dare Devil Mare xx 1806
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