Byzance (FR)

type / gender: horse / Mare
breed: French Trotter
born: 01.01.1901
mainly used for stud horse
Place of birth: France, ---
whereabouts: France, ---
complete pedigree (scrollable)
1. generation2. generation3. generation4. generation5. generation
Fuschia (FR)
Reynolds (FR)
Reveuse (FR)
Conquerant (FR)
Miss Pierce (FR)
Lavater H
  • Lavater H
  • Hackney (horse/po..., 1867, dark brown
Sympathie xx
Kapirat (FR)
Elisa II H
Succes (FR)
Lady Pierce
Crocus H
  • Crocus H
  • Hackney (horse/po..., 1858, brown
Candelaria H
Pedagogue xx
Debutante xx
Revanche (FR)
Juvigny (FR)
Heloise AN
Cherbourg (FR)
Formosa (FR)
Phaeton (FR)
Odalisque AN
Normand (FR)
Peschiera (FR)
Niger H
  • Niger H
  • Hackney (horse/po..., 1869, black
Confiance (FR)
The Heir of Linne xx
La Crocus H
Hidalgo AN
Pauline AN
breeds & children