Hambletonian 10 (US)

horse Hambletonian 10 (US) (American Trotter, 1849, from Abdallah 01 (US))
type / gender: horse / Stallion
breed: American Trotter
born: 05.05.1849
Day of death: 27.03.1876
shoulder height: 152 cm
colour: brown
mainly used for stud horse
Place of birth: United States, Orange County - New York
riding club, association: United States Trotting Association (U.S.T.A)
complete pedigree (scrollable)
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Abdallah 01 (US)
Mambrino xx
Amazzonia xx
Messenger xx
Sourcrout Mare
Dove xx
Fagdown xx
Mambrino xx
Turf Mare xx
Sourcrout xx
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Saratoga xx
Expedition Mare
Messenger xx
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Charles Kent Mare
One Eye
  • One Eye
  • American Trotter, 1815, brown
Old Bellfounder
  • Velocity
  • Hackney (horse/po..., 01.01.1805
Bishops Hambletonian xx
Wrootes Pretender
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Haphazard xx
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Messenger xx
Pheasant xx
Messenger xx
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