Rijm 1901 ox

horse Rijm 1901 ox (Arabian thoroughbred, 1901, from Mahruss II EAO)
type / gender: horse / Stallion
breed: Arabian thoroughbred
born: 15.03.1901
colour: chestnut
mainly used for stud horse
Place of birth: United Kingdom, Crabbet Park, Sussex
whereabouts: Spain, ---
complete pedigree (scrollable)
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Mahruss II EAO
Mahruss EAO
Bint Bint Nura 1885 RAS
Wazir 1863 ox
Mahrussa RAS
Aziz 1877 RAS
Bint Nura 1870 RAS
Zobeyni 1844 DB
Ghazieh 1850 DB
Zobeyni 1844 DB
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Harkan 1865 RAS
Aziza 1868 RAS
Zobeyni 1844 DB
Nura el Kebira 1860 RAS
Rose of Sharon 1885 ox
Hadban DB
  • Hadban DB
  • Arabian thoroughb..., 1878, dark brown
Rodania 1869 DB
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A Desert Bred
A Kuhaylah Rudaniyah 1859 DB
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