Amigo DA (Amigo DA)

dressage horse Amigo DA (German Riding Pony, 2008, from Amarillys Sensation D)
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jump SPF A** placed
dressage DRE L* won
information from seller:
loading pious
terrain safe
wrought pious
ask for price
Anke Gövert
44534  lünen
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44534 lünen

sportname: Amigo DA
UELN: DE 441410663008
type / gender: pony / gelding
breed: German Riding Pony
born: 01.01.2008
shoulder height: 148 cm
colour: brown
mainly used for sportshorse
discipline: dressage, showjumping, eventing
birthplace: Germany, ---
whereabouts: Germany, 59379 Selm
owner: Anke Gövert
salehorse: ask for price
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Amarillys Sensation D
Downland Folklore
Downland Mohawk
Downland Starletta
Nadeem ox
  • Nadeem ox
  • Arabian thoroughb..., 1966, mold
  • approved
Myola ox
Downland Romance
Downland Water Gypsy
Downland Dauphin
Ashby Star xx
Naplyv 1958 ox
Eloia ox
  • Eloia ox
  • Arabian thoroughb..., 1952, chestnut
El Meluk ox
Zelda ox
  • Zelda ox
  • Arabian thoroughb..., 1964, chestnut
  • Silva
  • German Riding Pon..., 1992, brown
  • Carina
  • German Riding Pon..., 1985, mold
  • Eros
  • Welsh Partbred, 1982, chestnut
  • 142cm
  • Sabine
  • German Riding Pon..., 1973, mold
  • 147cm, association premium m...
Tetworth Crimson Lake
  • Marvy
  • Nederlands Welsh ..., 1969, chestnut
Downland Folklore
Heidi van Het Spanenland
Caid AA
  • Caid AA
  • Anglo-Arabs, 24.06.1968, chestnut
  • 155cm, approved
Diana W.E.
Samir ox
  • Samir ox
  • Arabian thoroughb..., 1968, black
  • approved
Sarnau Susanna