Bubbly (Bubbly)

horse Bubbly (British Riding Pony, 1948, from Potato (Potatoe))
sportname: Bubbly
UELN: DE 302980003548
type / gender: pony / Stallion
breed: British Riding Pony
born: 01.01.1948
shoulder height: 140 cm
colour: palomino
mainly used for stud horse
Place of birth: United Kingdom, ---
whereabouts: United Kingdom, ---
ASR p. 43
BPS I/120P
Supreme British National Palomino Champion 1954, 1955 & 1960
complete pedigree (scrollable)
1. generation2. generation3. generation4. generation5. generation
Potato (Potatoe)
Mankato xx
Peach III
  • Peach III
  • British Riding Po..., 01.01.1926, chestnut
  • 145cm
Tredennis xx
Tippytoes xx
Clarendon xx
Peach II
Kendal xx
St. Marguerite xx
General Symons xx
Lady of Milan xx
Tredennis xx
Clare xx
  • Sunday
  • Welsh mountain po..., Cremello
Cwm Cream of Eppynt
Forest Blue Banner
Caer Beris Faith
Forest Blue Squire
Forest Nell Black Swell
Caer Beris King Cole
Fairwood the Nun
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