Cwm Cream of Eppynt (Cwm Cream of Eppynt)

sportname: Cwm Cream of Eppynt
UELN: DE 302020158603
type / gender: pony / Stallion
breed: Welsh mountain pony (SEK.A)
born: 01.01.1932
colour: palomino
mainly used for stud horse
Place of birth: United Kingdom, ---
whereabouts: United Kingdom, ---
awards: approved
WSB 1586
complete pedigree (scrollable)
1. generation2. generation3. generation4. generation5. generation
Forest Blue Banner
Forest Blue Squire
Forest Nell Black Swell
Forest Blue Roan
Forest Blackberry
Forest Sweep
Forest Top Swell
Forest Lad
  • Forest Lad
  • Welsh mountain po..., 01.01.1907, dark brown
Forest Fairy Blue
Moordale Flyer
Berwyn Pansy
Forest Black Gem
Forest Miss Moorcock
Forest Adbolton Sir Horace
Forest Swell
Caer Beris Faith
Caer Beris King Cole
Fairwood the Nun
Grove King Cole II
Grove Sprite Ii
Eppynt Mountain Pony
Eppynt Mountain Pony
Grove King Cole
Bleddfa Tell Tale
Grove Ballistite
Grove Fairy
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