Peter Scott US-64391 (Peter Scott 1.17,7)

horse Peter Scott US-64391 (American Trotter, 1909, from Peter the Great 28955 (US))
sportname: Peter Scott 1.17,7
type / gender: horse / Stallion
breed: American Trotter
born: 01.01.1909
colour: brown
mainly used for stud horse, sportshorse
discipline: trotting race
Place of birth: United States, J. Crabree, Boston MA
whereabouts: United States, William Hufford
riding club, association: United States Trotting Association (U.S.T.A)
complete pedigree (scrollable)
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Peter the Great 28955 (US)
Pilot Medium US-1597
Santos (US)
Happy Medium 400 (US)
Tackey (US)
Grand Sentinel US-865
Shadow (US)
Hambletonian 10 (US)
Princess (US)
Pilot jr 12 (US)
Jenny Lind (US)
Sentinel 280 (US)
Maid of Lexington (US)
Swallow (US)
Jenny Scott (US)
Bryson 19991 (US)
Aetna (US)
Simmons 2744 (US)
  • Lena
  • American Trotter, 1875, brown
Aberdeen 27 (US)
Etona (US)
George Wilkes 519 (US)
Black Jane (US)
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Hambletonian 10 (US)
Widow Machree (US)
Almont 33 (US)
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