Criban Whalebone (Criban Whalebone)

sportname: Criban Whalebone
UELN: DE 302020913803
type / gender: pony / Mare
breed: Welsh-Pony (Section B)
born: 01.01.1936
colour: brown
mainly used for stud horse
Place of birth: United Kingdom, ---
whereabouts: United Kingdom, ---
WSB 9138 - vol. XXXII
complete pedigree (scrollable)
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Mathrafal Broadcast
Mathrafal Eiddwen
Plasgwyn Polly
King Flyer
  • King Flyer
  • Welsh-Cob (Sek. D..., 01.01.1894, dark brown
  • 147cm
Polly of Maesglynog
Llwyn Idloes Flyer
Old Welsh Flyer (King Flyer)
The Pet
  • The Pet
  • Hackney (horse/po..., 01.01.1869, chestnut
  • 139cm
Cymro Ddu
Vyrnwy Lass
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Criban Mulberry
Criban Cracker
Criban Raspberry
Bwlch Quicksilver
Bwlch Starlight
Criban Wild Wonder
Criban Duchess
Dyoll Starlight
Lady Greylight
Forest Klondyke
Forest Brown Snip
Criban Orion
Wild Flash
Invincible Taffy
Roanie II
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