Enrico Caruso (Enrico Caruso 2)

horse Enrico Caruso (Trakehner, 1978, from Mahagoni)
sportname: Enrico Caruso 2
UELN: DE 309090107578
type / gender: horse / Stallion
breed: Trakehner
born: 01.01.1978
Day of death: 14.06.2005
shoulder height: 169 cm
colour: dark brown
mainly used for stud horse, sportshorse
discipline: dressage, showjumping
Place of birth: Germany, Gilten
riding club, association: Trakehner Verband
awards: approved
Enrico Caruso was one of the best stallions our breed has had. You will find him in the pedigrees of many successful horses, and he left his mark behind, may be more so in Germany than in the U.S. At his Koerung at Neumünster, after his approval he was ignored at the auction because of his small size as a 2.5 year old. He was bought at a bargain by Otto Langels of Gestuet Haemelschenburg who only later realized how small he was. He was found to have an extreemly gentle character & was very athletic. To everyone's surprise he grew to almost 16.3 hands & produced many good riding horses. His best & most famous son, Kostolany (out of Kapstadt by Falke) (bred & owned by Otto Langels) has followed in his sire's footsteps by also siring many successful sporthorses & in excess of 9 approved sons, most of them Trakehners. His most famous son is the Approval Champion Gribaldi (out of Gondola by Ibikus, Breeder Marika Werner). He has had a great impact on the Dutch Warmblood Breed in the Netherlands. He also qualified for the 2005 FEI World Cup in Las Vegas under Edward Gal. Thanks for the genes he inherited from his Grand Sire, the noble stallion Enrico Caruso. Enrico's gray son Trocadero (o/o Thirza by Karon) was graded premium and champion of his approval & sold for 300,000 DM at the Klosterhof-Medingen Auction. He now stands at Sian Read's Bluewood Stud in England. He also left 2 or more approved sons in the U.S. among others, and he produced jumpers as well as dressage horses. The most famous of his daughters was Schwalbenlust out of Elite Schwalbenburg by Ibikus who once reigned the Stud at Haemelschenburg. She aslo passed away not long ago but left her crown behind for her beautiful daughter Schwalbenspiel by Exclusiv, the dam of the approved Shavalou. Enrico died on June 14, 2005 and on the same day his beautiful (balck with 2 white socks) daughter (out of Thirza by Karon-Falke, owned & bred by Jutta Langels) was born, in Germany. Life works in wonderous ways... The death of horses brings tears to all lovers of this noble animal. Enrico you will be missed but not forgotten! Karim Esmailzadeh
stallion owner of Enrico Caruso
Gestüt Hämelschenburg
Das Trakehner Gestüt Hämelschenburg in Niedersachsen, genauer gesagt im Weserbergland - ca. 50 km südlich von Hannover gelegen - wurde Anfang der 60er Jahre von Otto und Jutta Langels gegründet und wird heute von Beate Langels geführt.
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  • Mahagoni
  • Trakehner, 1974, dark brown
  • 165cm, approved
Pasteur xx
Maharani II
  • Maharani II
  • Trakehner, 1969, dark brown
  • 160cm, association premium m...
Bürgermeister xx
Praline xx
  • Flaneur
  • Trakehner, 1965, dark brown
  • 166cm, approved
Herold xx
Bramouse xx
Ticino xx
Pusta xx
Flocke IV
  • Altan
  • Trakehner, 1943, chestnut
  • 166cm, approved
  • Amagun
  • Trakehner, 1968, dark brown
  • 166cm, approved
  • Gunnar
  • Trakehner, 1960, dark brown
  • 166cm, approved
  • Komet
  • Trakehner, 1952, black
  • 164cm, approved
  • Gudrun
  • Trakehner, 1956, chestnut
Traumgeist xx
Amadea 1836
  • Komet
  • Trakehner, 1952, black
  • 164cm, approved
  • Ozean
  • Trakehner, 1952, brown
  • 163cm
  • Ethik
  • Trakehner, 1949, chestnut
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