Crucifix xx (Crucifix)

horse Crucifix xx (Thoroughbred, 1837, from Priam xx) - Crucifix
sportname: Crucifix
type / gender: horse / Mare
breed: Thoroughbred
born: 01.01.1837
Day of death: 01.01.1858
shoulder height: 163 cm
colour: brown
mainly used for stud horse, sportshorse
discipline: horse racing
Place of birth: United Kingdom, ---
Her conformation was thought to deviate considerably from the ideal. Standing nearly 16 hands she was described as having a very straight, lean head with good eyes, long ears and open nostrils. Her neck was long and light, her shoulders thin and oblique and her brisket deep, however, her chest was narrow and her arms and legs small and her toes alleged to turn out like those of a ballerina. With flat sides and thighs, short back ribs and drooping quarters, her overall appearance was called "wiry".
complete pedigree (scrollable)
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Priam xx
Emilius xx
Cressida xx
Orville xx
Emily xx
Whiskey xx
Young Giantess xx
Beningbrough xx
Evelina xx AN849
Stamford xx
Whiskey Mare xx
Saltram xx
Calash xx
Diomed xx
Giantess xx
Octaviana xx
Octavian xx
Stute von Shuttle xx
Stripling xx
Oberon Mare xx 1796
Shuttle xx
Zara xx
Phoenomenon xx
Laura xx
Oberon xx
Ranthos mare xx
Young Marske xx
Vauxhall Snap mare xx
Delpini xx
Flora xx
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