Basto xx

horse Basto xx (Thoroughbred, 1702, from Byerley Turk xx)
type / gender: horse / Stallion
breed: Thoroughbred
born: 01.01.1702
Day of death: 01.01.1723
colour: brown
mainly used for stud horse, sportshorse
discipline: horse racing
Place of birth: United Kingdom, ---
Won several match races from 1708 to 1710. Foaled in 1702 or 1703. After his race career he was sold to the second Duke of Devonshire, and stood at stud at Chatsworth, where he died in 1723
complete pedigree (scrollable)
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Byerley Turk xx
Bustler xx
merlins dam xx
Helmsley Turk xx
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Bay Peg xx
Leedes Arabian ox
Young Bald Peg xx
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Old Morocco Mare xx
Old Morocco Barb xx
Old Bald Peg
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