Patty xx

type / gender: horse / Mare
breed: Thoroughbred
mainly used for stud horse
whereabouts: Ireland, ---
complete pedigree (scrollable)
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Tim xx
  • Tim xx
  • Thoroughbred, 1752, maroon
Squirt xx
Sister to Bajazet xx
Bartlets Childers xx
Sister To Old Country Wench
Godolphin Arabian
Sister To Bandy xx
Darley Arabian ox
Betty Leedes xx
Snake xx
Grey Wilkes xx
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Godolphin Whitefoot xx
Leedes Mare xx
Miss Patch xx
Justice xx
Ringtail Galloway xx
Hampton Court Litton Arabian
Aldby Jenny xx
Curwen Bay Barb
Hip Mare xx
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Ruby xx
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Hip xx
  • Hip xx
  • Thoroughbred, 1716, gray mold
Hobby Mare xx
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