Constantin (Constantin 47)

horse Constantin (Welsh-Pony (Section B), 1980, from Whatton Copper Beech)
sportname: Constantin 47
UELN: DE 302020064980
type / gender: pony / Stallion
breed: Welsh-Pony (Section B)
born: 01.01.1980
Day of death: 01.01.2012
shoulder height: 134 cm
colour: sorrel
mainly used for stud horse
Place of birth: Germany, ---
awards: approved, elite stallion
Constantin appears in these lists:
complete pedigree (scrollable)
1. generation2. generation3. generation4. generation5. generation
Whatton Copper Beech
Whatton Lord Bruce
Whatton Lively Lady
Downland Masquerade
Whatton Lady Bronze
Trefesgob Pledge
Whatton Lady Gay
Downland Chevalier
Coed Coch Gold Mair
Solway Master Bronze
Springbourne Ladybird
Trefesgob Septimus
Trefesgob Plush
Mistral Starling
Springbourne Ladybird
Meerpal Regina
  • Paashaas
  • Welsh-Pony (Secti..., 1961, mold
Criban Gloria
Coed Coch Berwynfa
Coed Coch Seiriol
Bolgoed Automation
Criban Roma
Tan-Y-Bwlch Berwyn
Berwyn Beauty
Criban Pebble
Revel Silva
Owain Glyndwr
Bolgoed Lady Grey
Criban Loyalist
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