My Tender Dream

horse My Tender Dream (Welsh Partbred, 2006)
type / gender: pony / gelding
breed: Welsh Partbred
born: 29.04.2006
shoulder height: 127 cm
colour: chestnut
mainly used for sportshorse, free time horse
discipline: dressage, showjumping, eventing, driving, horse racing, working equitation
birthplace: Czech Republic, ---
whereabouts: Czech Republic, Straskov-Vodochody
owner: Michaela Pavlisova
We are looking for the best new home for Tendy. We bought him 11 years ago. We know everything about him .... Tendy is perfect pony with top character, he loves childern, vet, travelling, care, blacksmith, and competitions :-). He competed in dressage / to level FEI pony - 80 competitions /, jumping / 80cm - 30x /, once more eventing / with big ponies he was on the 2nd place :-)/ . We try with him driving - 3 months of work and he took part at the show in open driving. He is really perfect. But his rider is too tall. And we are sad .... His sport career -
He started 5x Championship pony of Czech Republic - dressage, Dressage cup for ponies, CDN - Geramany / Horka, Holschdubrau/...
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dad: unknown
horse  (unknown)
father of mother: unknown