Nougat du Vallet (Nougat du Vallet)

jumper Nougat du Vallet (Selle Français, 2001, from Scherif d'Elle)
sportname: Nougat du Vallet
UELN: FRA00101366718L
type / gender: horse / Gelding
breed: Selle Français
born: 20.03.2001
colour: chestnut
mainly used for sportshorse
discipline: showjumping
Place of birth: France, ---
whereabouts: United States, ---
statistics jump
greatest success
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last placement
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number of placements last 12 month
first placements
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complete pedigree (scrollable)
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Scherif d
Jalisco B
  • Jalisco B
  • Selle Français, 1975, brown
  • 170cm, approved
Altesse D
Almé Z
  • Almé Z
  • Selle Français, 1966, light brown
  • 166cm, approved
  • Tanagra
  • Selle Français, 1963, brown
Prince Du Cy
Ira (FR)
Ibrahim AN
  • Ibrahim AN
  • Anglo-Norman, 1952, brown
  • 164cm, approved
Girondine AN
Furioso xx
Ultimate xx
Vaudoise AN
Galveston (FR)
Canaille (FR)
Camee du Vallet
Saphir d
Star du Vallet
Grand Veneur
Jesabelle d
Narcos II
  • Narcos II
  • Selle Français, 20.06.1979, black Brown
  • 170cm, approved
Camelia I
  • Camelia I
  • Selle Français, 01.01.1968, chestnut
Amour du Bois
Tanagra G
  • Uriel
  • Selle Français, 1964, chestnut
  • 168cm, approved
Pleine d
Fair Play III
  • Gemini
  • Selle Français, 1972, chestnut
Enfant Terrible xx
  • Rita
  • Selle Français, 01.01.1961, brown